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Should custom moves be in tournaments?


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Learning How To Survive In Spelunky

A collection of tips learned from my many voyages into the death labyrinth that is Spelunky.

The Truth and Style Behind Little Mac's Staircase Combo

Examining the applications and execution of Little Mac's neutral air to Foot Stool combo.

Little Mac Stage - Battlefield

A discussion of how Little Mac performs on the platform-heavy stage Battlefield.

Smash 3DS - How To Get Better

General tips on how to improve at Smash 4 for 3DS and Wii U.
Perfect your recovering, learn your attack properties, and have some fun.

Smash 3DS - Spacing and Zoning Guide

Inspecting the concepts Spacing and Zoning. Two things any player looking to go competitive should know.

Venks's Beginner Guide for Smash 3DS

If you're new to competitive Smash Bros then this is the guide for you!

Greninja - Custom Moveset Analysis

Checking out all the wonderful and crazy custom ninja arts of Greninja.

How To Beat Little Mac

Some tips and tricks for fighting Smash 4's For Glory Champion... Little Mac!

Little Mac KO Punch Percents For All Characters

How early can Little Mac knock out your favorite character?

Robin - Custom Move Investigation

Checking out every book and tome in Robin's hidden arsenal.

Mega Man - Custom Move Investigation

Opening up the blue prints and examining Mega Man's hidden abilities.

Villager - Custom Move Investigation

A quick study of Villager's quirky custom moves.

Rosalina - Custom Move Investigation

An examination of how Rosalina's custom moves effect her zoning play style.

Little Mac - Custom Move Investigation

A detailed break down of Little Mac's custom special moves in Super Smash Bros 3DS.

Nintendo Play Event - Wii Fit Trainer Breakdown

An analysis on Wii Fit Trainer thanks to hands on time with the E3 Build on 3DS.

Nintendo Play Event - Villager Breakdown

An analysis on Villager thanks to hands on time with the E3 Build on 3DS.

Nintendo Play Event - Mega Man Breakdown

An analysis on Mega Man thanks to hands on time with the E3 Build on 3DS.

Nintendo Play Event - Greninja Breakdown

An analysis on Greninja thanks to hands on time with the E3 Build on 3DS.

Nintendo Play Event - Rosalina Breakdown

An analysis on Rosalina thanks to hands on time with the E3 Build on 3DS.

Smash 4 New Items Survival Guide

Explanations of how all the new items in the Smash 4 demo work.

How Strong Is Bowser In Smash 4?

Inspecting what we've seen of Bowser in Smash 4 in order to determine his true strength.

Smash 3DS - Greatest Handheld Fighter!?

A look at the reasons as to why Smash for 3DS may be the most successful handheld fighting game ever made.

Everyone In Smash Bros (Wii U/ 3DS) Feels Well Balanced

A summary of how each character felt in the Smash 4 demo.

Download Complete - Newcomer Robin Analysis

A detailed look at Robin and the spellcaster's magical abilities.

Little Mac Secrets Revealed - Complete Breakdown

I played over 140 rounds of Super Smash Bros Wii U. Here's what I think of Little Mac.

Extensive Smash Wii U Demo Impression

I spent over 14 hours playing Super Smash Bros for Wii U. There are so many interesting things to talk about regarding this game.

Detective Screenshot #1

A screenshot of my current progess for Spirit Detective using Unity.

Link's Awakening: Acorn Guardian - Part 1

I have no idea where I'm going, but it's okay cus I found an acorn!

Returning To The World of Pikmin

A quick impression of my first few hours playing Pikmin 3 for Wii U.

Master Level Design - Zelda Minish Cap

A deep look at the dungeon Deepwood Shrine and how its level design effects the player.

Mario Kart 8 Noob Impressions

I was one of the lucky few in Australia to play Mario Kart 8 before its release date May 31st. I've been playing the demo a lot at my local Nintendo Experience, but those few courses do no justice to what is the full experience of this amazing game.

Making Maps - Video Game Design

By breaking down our favorite video games we can take a look at how developers have attempted to solve problems by using different map systems.

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Ultimate Guide

Masahiro Sakurai, the designer of Smash Bros, has released a lot of information in the latest Nintendo Direct. I have taken it upon myself to write a complete guide to contain all of that information and provide my thoughts along the way.

Aftermath Reviews: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

Diablo 3's new expansion is out, but is it worth picking up?
This review just might have the answer you need!

Leveled Up Design - Castlevania

An analysis on the level design used in the first two levels of Castlevania and how it's used to teach the player. Heavily inspired by, but not emulating, Sequelitis.

Dark Souls 2 - Player Impression

Lets see. I picked up Dark Souls 2 from the midnight launch my store was having (for Titanfall but that's not important), played for the following week straight, then... [read more]
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